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Travelling always has been one of my favourite hobbies. I love discovering new countries, cultures, learn about their history, people, sightseeing, visiting museums and trying local food.

Being a Domme, I have had lots of opportunities to fulfil my passion and meet lots of great slaves with whom I have stayed friends with for years. I love having a personal slave during my trips.

Being a real Goddess I deserve and expect to be served 24 hours a day, not just for an hour or two. This is your chance totally submit to me, be my servant, slave, waiter, masseur, chauffeur, tour guide, sissy bitch, dog, toilet or whatever else I want to use you for.

We start in the morning from your waking Me up by licking My feet knelt on the floor. Next I use your mouth as My toilet by releasing a big load of warm tasty champagne. You then bring My clothes and help Me to dress. We go for a breakfast in hotel’s restaurant where you are serving as my waiter, putting food on plate, bringing fresh juice. After breakfast back to the room for a bit where I use you as My full toilet. This is your chocolate dessert and you thank me for the privilege of tasting it.

You polish my shoes and we go out for sightseeing. You carry my bag, you are my photographer, taking pics of beautiful Goddess. We stop by a sex shop to buy your lingerie and a butt plug. I ask for assistance of girl working in a shop, telling her that I want to get you a white set of bra, panties, stockings and garter belt, she starts laughing at you, your face turns red from shame. She takes us to the shelf with toys to pick a butt plug where I choose a black vibrating one with remote control. You go to the dressing room to put on the lingerie and insert the butt plug.

Next we go to shoes shop to buy me high heels where you help me to try them on standing on your knees, kissing my legs and feet.

We find a quiet restaurant for dinner. You massaging my feet under the table, I secretly spit in your plate and give you my chewed food. I go to the bathroom with a glass of wine and come back with delicious golden nectar for you to saviour. Occasionally I turn on your butt plug to get you horny and ready for anal play.

Back to the room. Now you are completely in my power and I’m gonna do with you what I feel like. We can play for an hour or half of night depending on my mood. You prepare a hot bath for me, giving full body massage. It’s time to rest, you sleep at my feet as a dog.

A new exciting day full of adventures is ahead of us.

If you want to live this unique experience and discover plenty of others, send me whats app message/email. Tell me a bit about yourself, your age, nationality (by origin), BDSM interests and experience, dates and city of travel, your cell phone number.

Pay 150 euro/usd for trip discussion. 

Pay with your card here:

I also accept Western Union, bitcoins- my wallet is 147dnePkjg9HSuHs6sAEVTJjSVCPPXXLMA,,, Or you can send gift card to for ammount of 250$ (delivery to Russia is very expensive). I will not spend time on free trip discussions because in most cases its just a fantasy that slaves masturbate over. Prepaid tickets, booked on my name room and  30-50% deposit of the tribute  are required. I will stay only in hotel. Invitations to stay at your flat, apartment, house will be declined unless we have met before.