Contact me

Contact information might be changed at any time, come back to this page if you cant reach me.

When contacting me for the first time, provide upfront information:

1) name/nickname, age, nationality/ethnicity (by origin, not by passport), send your photo-not a must but very appreciated, kept confidential

2)  whats your previous experience with professional mistress, who have you served, write their names or websites

3) your fantasies, session interests, be as descriptive as possible

4) city, date, time, duration of session

5) Which website did you find me

I don’t answer pointless messages like hi, how are you, etc… I get too many of meaningless messages and can’t invest time into dragging info word by word.

Keep conversation short and straight to the point. My time is valuable, use whats app only to book sessions and not to chat. Respect my time, book only if you can make it. No shows or last minute cancellation will effect in adding your number to numerous international black lists or clients and spread among other mistresses as well.