Are the photos on your website real and recent?

Yes. It’s absolutely Me on the pictures. Check my Twitter for more photos and videos.

 Where are you located? I live in Moscow and available for incall in my apartment, located 30 mins drive from center city. Outcall to your hotel/apartment can be considered. I tour Asia and Middle East. I am available wordwide by personal invitation (read Invite me page).

Where do you session when travelling (Middle East, Asia etc)?

I session from my hotel room. Name of hotel will be provided when you arrived to the area close to my hotel. Outcalls in other countries are extremely unlikely.

When will you be back to the Dubai, USA, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur etc?  

My current schedule is always listed on the main page of this site. If you want to be informed about My next visit, send Me Whats app message and I will inform you if I come back.

How much is tribute?  It depends on differnt factors-city of session, scenario, time, duration etc.  Tribute is given by phone/whats app.

How old are you?  It is inappropriate and rude to ask someone, especially a woman, their age unless you have a clear purpose   beyond simple curiousity.

Whats your height? 175 cm without heels.

What is your shoe size? 39.  

What is your experience in BDSM? I have 13 years of professional experience and 15 years of personal experience.        

Do you accept novices? Definitely yes, I am ready and willing to teach you and explore your fantasies.

 I dont like pain but into sensual domination, teasing, foot fetish. Is it ok? 

Yes, sure. I can dominate you without any pain at all. 

Can we discuss practices before session?

Yes, I will give you a questionnaire to fill out before session where you can check your likes and dislikes and we can polish details in person before session starts.

Do you do sessions and with couples or women?  Couples and women are more than welcome but I would need to talk to your wife first of all to make sure you are sincere- most of the times its only a fantasy of a man and his wife doesnt know anything about bdsm:)

Do you offer double/triple sessions? Yes, I can invite to join us Dominant and submissive females/males. 

Is slave girl on photos available for sessions?

Yes, avaialble in Moscow. She doesnt go on tours with me, however you can invite both of us to spend a few days          together  somewhere. It will be a very exciting vacation.

Will you leave marks? This will be discussed in negotiation. I can leave no marks if you choose, or leave ones that will last for a few hours or a day or two. I don’t like heavy corporal,leaving long lasting marks, welts, bruises.

Do you use safe word? Yes, you have 2 safe words: yellow means slow down, red – stop. We can play without safe words but everything will be discussed in advance.

What is your favorite type of scene? I really enjoy to do a session with a slave who has very few limits. I am in total control over him and doing just what I desire at that moment. I like a lot of humiliation, foot worship, spitting, face slapping, cock and balls torture, toilet training etc.

Can I request a particular outfit? Yes, you may ask but no guarantee. Regarding fetish clothes, I prefer vinyl and not particularly like latex. I don’t get naked. 

Can you wear regular clothes for a session? Yes, I actually prefer it because its more comfortable and I beleive it adds realism to the session.

What are your favorite types of gifts? 

The best gift is cash, tips  are always very appreciated.  You can bring flowers, cosmetics, jewelry, sweets, tea, coffee, bdsm toys, fetish clothers, lingeroe, shoes. Please no alcohol, cigarettes or perfume.  I dont drink any alcohol, don’t smoke cigarettes and have very picky taste for perfume.

Can I book session by email?

I prefer WhatsApp or phone (in Moscow only). I will accept email bookings only if you have solid mistress references or paying a deposit. 

I saw pictures with slaves on your Twitter. I dont want any photos taken. Is it ok?

I will never take your photos without permission. But if you dont mind, do let me know that you are ok with photos. Your face can be covered. It will be a very special memory for you.